Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation

We are so excited and blessed to be partnering with the incredible
Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation!
The Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation is a
501C3 non-profit that strives to enhance the
marine environment by building artificial
reefs and to protect it by encouraging
children to love our oceans, rivers, and lakes.
In 2018 they deployed two 250 ton boulder
reefs and placed 32 of our four-ton “Coral
Heads” adjacent to them.
They also began a significant education
initiative in 2018 by donating the Lamberson’s
5 book set of the “Professor Clark the Science Shark”
series to every third-grade classroom in
Florida, 55,000 books in all! (That’s us!! )
Children love our stories of the little boy
(Andrew) who becomes lifelong friends with
an orphaned tiger shark pup. The marine
animals communicate their needs through
Andrew to the human world. Together they
clean up a reef and a beach and then help
save a sick turtle as they teach Florida
children to love the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of
Mexico and our rivers and lakes.
Reefs their Foundation has built include:
-40 Coral Heads in 39’ of water in 2015
-100 Coral Heads in 58’ in 2016
-a 300-ton boulder reef in 58’ in 2016
-15 Coral Heads on the Snorkel Trail in 2016
-132 Coral Heads in 58’ in 2017
-four 250 ton boulder reefs in 58’ in 2017
-a 17’ tall replica of the Jupiter lighthouse
-32 Coral Heads in 75’ in 2018
-two 250 ton boulder reefs in 75’ in 2018
How incredible is that?! Please go “like” their page on Facebook,
Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation and show them some love!
Andrew Red Harris Foundation
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