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Scott & Karen Lamberson are so excited to announce their new collaboration with the Palm Beach County School Board Science & Reading Departments, the 11th largest school board in the country.  Starting in August of 2018 their 5 book children’s educational book series will be highlighted in 863 third grade classrooms throughout Palm Beach County and another 137 book series to be utilized by the Science & Reading departments, 1st thru 5th grade class rooms thru their Educational County Wide Teachers Blender Website. The book series are fully integrated, progressive reading books.

Professor Clark the Science Shark was created by Palm Beach County residents Scott and Karen

in 2011.  Their dream was to create an adorable, fun to read, children’s educational book series all about the oceans, their ecosystems and “Jawsome” inhabitants. All books utilize State testing vocabulary words, with current State Standards, developed by educators and numerous unique STREAM initiative based ideas.  The book series will be shown and taught thru PBCSB teacher’s educational county wide Blender website. Teaching and learning will be FUN again!

With one extraordinary tiger shark, the Professor Clark the Science Shark book series took life with his friends Ray the Remora, Reada the Research Turtle, Holt the Seahorse and Andrew the Human.

The books are filled with amazing Vocab Lab definitions, interesting Fun Fin Facts and fresh illustrations which are all fully integrated with the Palm Beach County School District’s Science Department K-5 curriculum and meet most of the State of Florida STREAM requirements. The series include Book 1: The Beginning, Book 2: Going Home, Book 3: The Encounter, Book4: Reada’s Rescue, Book 5: The Storm. Keep a sharp eye out for Book 6: The Vacation, a new chapter reading book to be released in time for Christmas 2018!!!!

All books are available through  


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