Book 1: The Beginning

Professor Clark thought for a moment about the journey that had taken him from a little shark pup to a world-renowned science shark. It had been a beautiful and peaceful Florida Keys morning…

So begins the journey of Professor Clark the Science Shark. Reminisce with Professor Clark as he remembers Andrew, the boy who made Clark curious about all the other creatures of the ocean, and Ray the Remora, who named him. Learn lots of exciting fin facts from Professor Clark the Science Shark.

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Book 1
Book 2

Book 2: Going Home

Somewhere deep in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a beautiful tiger shark named Clark was deep in thought…

Professor Clark the Science Shark: Going Home is Book Two in the delightfully entertaining and educational series that teaches children about the important responsibility we have to our oceans. With a fun cast of characters and a list of “Fin Facts”, children will love swimming along with Professor Clark!

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Book 3: The Encounter

Professor Clark the Science Shark here, sharing another exciting chapter of my life. “The Encounter” is very special to me because it is about my research and my encounters with humans! You land lovers are a strange species. I have to learn more about you.

The crisis of our ecosystems becomes evident more and more every day. I need to find out what is happening and how we can help. Could I bring humans into my aquatic world to help solve the complex problems that our oceans face? Are humans the problem or part of the solution?

As you remember, my first encounter with the little boy was when I was just a shark pup. I thought, “What a strange subject he was!” He frightened me, as I did him, yet there was a close connection. Could I find him again? Could the boy be part of the solution, and what role would his cherished lure play in my life?

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Book 3

Book 4

Book 4: Reada’s Rescue

Greetings from the sea, land lovers!

I’m Professor Clark the Science Shark, and I’d like to tell you about my delightful and educational book series starring me, of course. In this book, Book 4: Reada’s Rescue, my human friend, Andrew, and I meet Reada, a beautiful and endangered hawksbill turtle that really needs our help!

Together, along with Ray the Remora and Holt the Seahorse, our aquatic journeys are shared with numerous other sea creatures that want to help us in our quest to save our seas!

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Book 5: The Storm

“The sea creatures and animals that calledHope Reef their home looked upwards withconcern and curiosity. Many of them swam and scurried around in confusion, while afew hid in fear amidst the rocks, caves, and crevices of the reef. The inhabitants knew this wasn’t the usual sound and feel of waves over Hope Reef. All of the changes were due to the impending hurricane.”

Professor Clark the Science Shark: The Storm is Book 5 in the delightful and educational book series that teaches, as well as entertains. Children will learn about the impact a hurricane can have on our marine ecosystem.

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Book 5 Cover
Book 4

Book 6: The Journey

In Professor Clark the Science Shark: The Journey, Professor Clark, Ray the Remora, and Holt the Seahorse join Reada the Research Turtle as she travels to Mexico to lay her eggs. All along the way, the four friends make various scientific discoveries, which they can’t wait to share with their human pals, Andrew, Fi, and Mia.

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